Pharmaceutical Coatings

pharmaceutical coatings


Since the early 1970s, the pharmaceutical industry has scaled rapidly, becoming a multi-billion dollar, highly consolidated global force.  With such rapid growth, manufacturers are faced with the increasing challenges to meet greater production demands, higher processing efficiencies and larger product yields.  These challenges are often exacerbated, as new and highly unique material systems can cause manufacturing problems relating to accelerated wear, sticking and corrosion. 

Endura® has developed a wide array of pharmaceutical coating systems that solve such performance dilemmas; we provide highly engineered solutions for such applications that include: tablet/pill manufacturing, diagnostics, and molding/tooling environments.  If you require:       

  • Chemical corrosion protection
  • FDA/USDA compliance
  • High release
  • Impact resistance
  • Increased surface hardness
  • Inert surfaces that do not support biological growth
  • Micron deposited coating growths for precision builds & tight tolerancing
  • Non-wetting properties
  • Wear resistance

Endura Coating Systems for Pharmaceutical Coatings

    • Endura 103: Created using an immersion-based spark deposition process as a base layer, our Endura 103 transforms the outermost layer of your aluminum substrate to a ceramic oxide providing excellent wear and corrosion resistant properties. To further enhance the low friction, nonstick and corrosion resistant properties, we then vacuum infuse fluoropolymers into the newly created ceramic matrix which makes this an ideal coating for pharmaceutical applications.

    • Endura 202P: With a longstanding history of success in pill punching and blister packaging applications, our Endura 202P Infused Matrix coating combines the benefits of standard Electroless nickel platings with fluoropolymers to provide superior corrosion resistance, release, low friction and nonstick properties.

    • Endura 334B: Commonly used in vessel feeding and other pharmaceutical applications, our Endura 334B consists of a unique blend of fluorocarbons reinforced with high strength co-polymers. The controlled layer coating is engineered to provide outstanding release, dry lubrication, non-wetting, mechanical toughness, permeation strength, corrosion protection and static charge dissipation.

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