Food Grade Coatings

coatings for food processing appliances

Since 1970, Endura® has developed a wide array of FDA / USDA compliant coating systems for a multitude of food processing applications. We are specified and provide food grade coatings for a vast quantity of North American food manufacturer / processor and our coatings can be found throughout Europe & Asia in a number of our customers’ subsidiary plants. 

In addition to food safe coatings, Endura possesses hundreds of highly engineered coatings that afford enhanced non-stick, wear and chemically resistant surface properties (in combination) that are truly unique. Whether you’re looking for a coating solution for tooling, equipment, infrastructure, or small ware components we offer a variety of products that will meet or exceed your performance objectives. We apply our proprietary coating solutions daily to a wide variety of equipment and functional processing components of which include but are not limited too: weigh scale buckets, augers, mixing drums, slitter blades, die rolls, vibratory pans, grill racks, and material conveyance system components. 

Whether your production line requires a specific coating solution or end-to-end refurbishment, our proprietary coating systems may be available in a variety of colors and can provide the following benefits:

  • Chemically resistant barriers
  • Dry lubrication
  • Enhanced non-stick
  • Extreme hardness
  • FDA / USDA / NSF compliance
  • Inert surfaces to mitigate microbial growth
  • Low friction
  • Wear resistance

Endura Coating Systems for Food Processing Coatings

    • Endura 103 (FDA / USDA): FDA / USDA compliant fluoropolymer infused Ceramic Composite coating system that is a great choice for non-ferrous alloys requiring a combination of wear and release properties. The coating’s ceramic backbone also provides advantages in aggressive wash-down environments where aluminum may corrode and stainless steel is too cost prohibitive an alternative. Endura 103 is a versatile food safe coating used on everything from hamburger knock-out cups to die cast hard candy molds.

    • Endura 203 (FDA / USDA): Infused Electroless Nickel Plating coating system used predominately to provide non-stick for applications where surface hardness, precision film builds and sharpness is essential. This coating is used extensively in cutting applications and works extremely well on slitter blades and rotary roll cutters used to cut nougat, caramel, granola and dry cereal.

    • Endura 348 (FDA / USDA): Multi-coat fluoropolymer coating system that affords unrivaled release characteristics across a vast array of food products. This coating is the perfect choice for commercial use food applications that requires release from multiple food products. It has been used successfully on grill rack platens, pot sticker molds and variety of commercial cookware components.

    • Endura 350-3 (FDA / USDA): Highly durable and corrosion resistant, non-stick coating system often used on weigh buckets and scale hoppers.

    • Endura 948 (FDA / USDA): Coating that combines the release properties of our Endura 348 with a sinter metallic flame-spray base coat or backbone. The dual architecture of the coating provides for even better wear characteristics for more aggressive processing environments without sacrificing non-stick properties. This coating has worked famously on panini press sandwich platens to large taffy drums and taffy rollers.

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