Chemical Coatings

chemical coatings

Organic and inorganic-based coating systems can be engineered to create wear resistant, pin-hole free liquid or vapor barriers chemically inert to most any known compound(s). Whether you're looking to increase your line efficiencies by diminishing cleaning or maintenance time, protect your parts from caustic/acidic material systems and cleaning agents, or reduce costs associated with exotic material purchases by switching to a coated lower cost metal substrate, we offer a variety of chemically resistant coating systems guaranteed to meet or exceed your performance expectations. 

We specialize in providing:

Endura Coating Systems for Chemical Coatings

    • Endura® 100C-R: The Endura® 100CR "Infused Matrix" synergistic coating is a proprietary multi-step process that combines ceramic with the timed, controlled infusion of sub-micron sized high-temperature, low friction polymers and enhanced corrosion inhibitors. The newly created surface forms bonds integral with the parent metal and provides an exceptional combination of hardness, wear resistance, lubrication, low friction, non-wetting, and outstanding corrosion protection for alloys of aluminum.

    • Endura® 200C-R: Our Endura® 200CR is a FDA compliant proprietary electroless nickel copolymer coating system that is engineered for wear and corrosion resistant surface attributes. This coating will pass over 1,000 of salt spray exposure (per ASTM B117) when specifying a thickness of 0.001" per surface. The coating is an excellent choice for saltwater environments and can withstand attack from a wide array of corrosive material agents. This is a great choice for applications when parts may be exposed to numerous unknown chemicals and solvents at one time.

    • Endura® 350-3: The Endura® 350-3 is an FDA/USDA compliant coating system engineered to afford excellent mechanical toughness, corrosion resistance, and exceptional non-stick surface properties. The coating works particularly well in the presence of strong acids as well as basic environments. From hydrofluoric acids to high concentrations of sodium hydroxide, this coating can withstand prolonged exposure to a wide range of pH levels even at elevated temperatures.

  • Endura® 357V: The Endura® 357V "Advanced Fluoropolymer" proprietary coating is a unique blend of fluoropolymers and co-polymer reinforcement, integrated for outstanding corrosion protection and dielectric strength. Endura® 357V is unaffected by most chemicals and solvents, has superb abrasion resistance and mechanical strength. Some less well-known properties are its high thermal stability, ability to self-extinguish, high dielectric strength, and excellent resistance to weathering, UV rays and nuclear radiation. It may be interesting to note that instruments coated with Endura® 357V can be autoclaved as well.

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