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Endura® has developed and worked with many OEM & aftermarket providers of rollers & ink jet printing cartridges.  Our coating solutions offer unique non-wetting and non-stick properties in combination, providing for easier machine maintenance, higher quality & faster cycle speeds. We understand the requirements of functional coating solutions, and the interface between electrically conductive & static dissipation coatings too. We offer coatings that are highly uniform and conformal, but we also possess the capabilities to provide textured finishes. If you want to achieve:

Endura Coating Systems for Computers & Equipment Coatings

    • Endura 334BLS: Tough, abrasion resistant, nonstick, low friction coating formulated from special blends of fluoropolymers and high-performance resins. The coating works particularly well for ease of cleaning in inkwells and chambers, as well as microchip handling and processing.

    • Endura 343: Specially blended multi-coat system that combines superior abrasion resistance with extended service life. This coating is used successfully in a wide array of computer and business equipment applications including ink jet cartridge manufacturing and copier, printer and fuser rolls.

    • Endura 970: Highly durable coating combining a metalized thermal spray with the controlled infusion of low friction, high release polymers. Engineered for ultra-high release and low friction, the coating is highly successful.

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