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aerospace coatings

Since 1970, Endura® has pioneered and developed a wide array of aircraft coating offerings for the aerospace industry. Our proprietary advanced surface conversion coatings meet a variety of functional criteria as well as comply with a multitude of industry specifications.  Our coatings are specifically engineered to solve many of the functional dilemmas that have plagued the aviation industry for decades.  We offer product solutions that can withstand extreme service conditions affording protection from severe temperature fluctuations, corrosive and high load/high stress environments. 

Endura®’s highly advanced coating systems are applied with extreme precision, allowing us to attain sub-micron coating thickness while still holding extremely tight tolerances.  Whether you are looking to process small functional devices or larger tooling components we have the production capacities and capabilities to meet a wide variety of application needs and objectives.  We service production volumes that reach upwards of 1,000,000 parts annually of which include but are not limited too: ball screws, fittings, assembly guides, bearing journals, ice cutters, functional instrumentation, and piston heads used on aircrafts. If your application, aerospace component, or tooling environment requires:

Endura Coating Systems for Aerospace Coatings

  • Endura® 200CR: A proprietary, RoHS compliant, high phosphorous content electroless nickel plating system which is engineered to provide an increase in hardness, high corrosion resistance, and precision coverage of complex part surfaces. Our Endura 200CR is often applied to various small aerospace parts such as fittings, gears, and brackets to protect against accelerated atmospheric corrosion.

  • Endura® 327: A highly robust fluoropolymer coating system designed to provide extremely low surface energies, non-wetting and mechanical durability in combination. Endura 327 has worked extremely well as an anti-icing medium when applied to "ice scraper" components found in aircraft landing gear.

  • Endura® 410-21: This advanced solid film lubricant is proprietary thin film coating system with a proprietary siloxane-metallic binder system. This coating is engineered to provide an exceptionally low coefficient of friction, high heat thermal stability, and good wear life in higher load carrying applications. This coating has worked extremely well in extending the service life on a variety of mechanical components commonly found in aerospace applications; of which include but are not limited to: bearings, seals, fuel rings valve components, fasteners, gears, and splines.

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