Non Stick & Release Coatings

nonstick coatingsProducts or raw materials sticking in a production process can present immense problems for manufacturers and add unnecessary expense into the supply chain. These issues often include decreased cycle times, increased scrap or product fall-out, increases in cleaning & equipment maintenance and longer product lead times. Endura® offers a wide selection of industrial non stick coating solutions that are custom engineered to provide a combination of the lowest attainable surface energies and highest release properties for specific material systems and/or products.


Non Stick Coating Applications

We have successfully solved a multitude of sticking issues across numerous industries and applications, from large injection molding applications to small surgical devices. Regardless of your industry, application need or use environment, we have a coating offering that will meet or exceed your performance expectations.

Please complete our CRQ (Coating Requirement Questionnaire) & email any other questions, or call us
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Please complete our Coating Requirement Questionnaire
or call us at 1.800.336.3872 to review & discuss your project requirements.

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