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electronic component coatings

We provide an array of application solutions for the electronics industry, offering both highly conductive and dielectrically robust coating systems.  Whether you are looking to increase thermal conductivity/management, enhance lubrication, or protect your components from corrosive agents, we offer a variety of functional coatings to meet your performance objectives.   Additionally, we have pioneered a multiplicity of proprietary polymer based coating systems that possess pin-hole free finishes.  Such finishes provide excellent barriers to moisture and foreign contaminants and will increase the structural integrity of your device or component. Our coating technologies are non-migratory and enable ease in maintenance, faster speeds in cycle times, and higher part quality through improved tooling conditions. If you want to achieve:

Endura Coating Systems for Electronics Industry

  • Endura® 303LT : A proprietary technology consisting of thin dry film lubrication chemically bonding pure fluoropolymer. The precision coating is engineered for high temperature properties, extremely low coeffiecient of friction, high lubricity and excellent nonstick properties. This exceptional dry film lubrication also provides squeak suppression and chemical resistance to acid, bases and solvents. Endura® 303LT has worked extremely well as an anti-galling medium when applied to fixture components found in clean room environments.

  • Endura® 334BLS: "Advanced Polymer" proprietary coating consists of a unique blend of non stick polymers and high strength co-polymer reinforcements. The controlled-layered coating is engineered specifically to provide high release, dry lubrication, low friction, and durability. Due to its chemical stability and limited porosity, the coating will also provide good chemical resistance. Furthermore, all of these properties will hold at elevated temperatures. Endura® 334BLS has worked exceptionally on plates designed to hold computer chip-sets during the soldering process, allowing the soldering medium to be wiped free after each cycle.

  • Endura® 343 : proprietary non-stick coating offers new advancements in co-polymer engineering. Unique blended composition and microstructure provide a superior multi-layer coating matrix. This special blended polymer combination provides a coating structure and matrix with thermal stability, low friction, release, protection from corrosion and unrivaled resistance to abrasion. Endura 343 is used successfully in a wide array of computer and business equipment applications including ink jet cartridge manufacturing and copier, printer and fuser rolls.

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