Coatings for the Energy Industry

energy coatings

Endura® has a longstanding history providing coating solutions related to the oil, gas, solar and nuclear industries.  We provide a myriad of robust coating systems for such applications that include but are not limited too: offshore drilling platforms, nuclear energy management and natural gas environments.  Our coatings are found regularly in a variety of service environments and have been implemented with great success across a diverse array of use applications. If your company or specific application desires:

Endura Coating Systems for Energy Coatings

    • Endura 300ECS: An aesthetic, yet functional coating, designed for high performance applications that will meet or exceed most performance expectations. Exceptional resistance to corrosion and chemical permeation, combined with extraordinary film hardness and flexibility. These properties make our Endura 300ECS an ideal choice for energy applications, where a need for high dielectric strength is desired. This coating is useful in electrical construction fixtures and plate-based battery module construction.

    • Endura 354: Endura 354 is a proprietary fluoropolymer coating system that possesses an excellent combination of chemical resistance, high dielectric strength, outstanding abrasion resistance and high impact strength. This coating is chemically inert to a wide array of corrosive chemicals and organic solvents, including but not limited to: chlorines, strong acids, organic solvents and aqueous caustics. The solar industry often implements this coating on its solar cell frames due to its conductive black quality.

      • Endura 1100-2HD: Our Endura 1100-2HD a "High Density Composite Diamond Coating" system that is engineered for extreme abrasion protection and wear resistance. This coating system consists of an electroless nickel matrix that is reinforced with micron size diamond particulates, which afford unrivaled wear properties and surface hardness in excess of 90 Rc. This coating is often used to greatly elongate the service life of tooling in extreme wear applications. Successfully in a wide array of Energy applications including components used for:


      • oil & gas down-hole and drilling
      • platform pneumatic wrenches
      • rotor, pitch, and shaft assemblies for wind turbines
      • mining conveyors
      • flexible automation guides

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