Industrial Coatings

industrial coatings

Endura® has a variety of coating solutions for the most difficult issues relating to wear, friction, corrosion and sticking for Industrial Manufacturing & Automation Equipment.  The proper coating will create efficiencies in your process by extending tool life, decreasing cycle times, reducing scrap, equipment downtime and maintenance.  We can help to improve or differentiate your product offerings in a competitive market by providing

Endura Coating Systems for Industrial Coatings

    • Endura-X: Migrating the principals of our coatings into a new metal-forming lubricant. This innovative approach propagates the benefits of longer tool-life, higher speeds and feeds, increased surface quality and substantially reduces overall machining costs. This coating has been greatly successful in the gearing, hobbing, milling and CNC spaces.

    • Endura 315: Proprietary reinforced coating, blending fluorocarbons with high-strength additives. This controlled, layered coating is engineered for outstanding release (nonstick), non-wetting, chemical permeation strength, dry lubrication, mechanical toughness, abrasion resistance and thermal stability. It works well on tooling components, mandrels, pins, and many environments concerned with the sticking of glue, rubbers and paint.

    • Endura 370S-F: Enhanced Polymer coating offering increased non-stick and dry lubrication performance, through a proprietary co-polymer and ‘micro-seal’ technology. The controlled layered coating is engineered for high release (non-migratory), outstanding dry lubrication, low friction, corrosion protection, thermal stability, increased permeation strength, resistance to abrasion and mechanical toughness. This coating can be deployed on a wide variety of applications including: molds / cavities, bonding and nesting tools and forming applications.

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