Medical Device Coatings

medical device coatings

Endura® Coatings is positioned to meet the most advanced healthcare manufacturing system requirements in the world today! We offer a diverse array of fluoropolymer, composite, PVD / CVD and thermally deposited coating architectures that satisfy a wide breadth of functional objectives across a variety of use applications. Our proprietary bio-compatible coating systems are custom engineered to provide a combination of niche surface characteristics and attributes that are truly unique.

Whether your use environment demands wear resistance, non-stick, hydrophilic / hydrophobic, low friction, dielectric / conductive or corrosion resistant surface properties, we offer a wide breadth of application solutions to meet and/or exceed your performance requirements. We possess and globally supply, bio-approved coating solutions for such applications as seen below.

Medical Coating Applications

  • Catheter manufacturing
  • Cannulas
  • Surgical disposable instrumentation devices (blades, anvils, triggers)
  • Diagnostic probes
  • Guide wires
  • Tipping dies/mandrels
  • Blister packaging
  • Various molding/tooling components

Custom Medical Device Coating Solutions

In addition to offering a multiplicity of diverse coating platforms, Endura® also services an array of “build-to-spec” requirements for our medical customers. We are no strangers to the product development process and often participate with design & engineering groups to not only coat but fabricate their medical device or tooling component. This end-to-end supply chain management is provided to many of our customers and usually at a cost less than they can manage themselves.

Our proprietary coating solutions can be engineered to provide the following:

Endura Coating Systems for Medical Coatings

    • Endura 200TX: A proprietary eletroless nickel co-polymer coating system designed to provide exceptionally low surface energies, low friction, chemical corrosion protection, and enhanced dr lubrication, in combination. We coat millions of surgical disposable anvils used in abdominal surgery, as well as, hundreds of medical molding tools in this coating annually.

    • Endura 202P: Multi-layer electroless nickel co-polymer coating system that possesses excellent non-stick properities and increased surface harness (up to 65 Rc) in combination. This coating is routinely used on pill punches for the pharmaceutical industry to help aid in product release, while reducing the number of cleaning cycles and correspondingly the "production downtime" of the tablet presses.

    • Endura 320M: Multi-layer proprietary fluoropolymer coating system that possesses exceptionally high release properities and non-stick surface characteristics. This coating is used to reduce tissue adhesion on various surgical ablation tools (blades, knives, etc.), allowing for improved cutting accuracy and easier "clean-ability" of devices for the surgeon.

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