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Endura® offers a broad selection of coatings to enhance quality and process efficiency for the Packaging, Paper, and Print & Material Handling industries.  Our coatings are widely used for processes involving plastic forming, blister packaging, trays, foils, wraps, self-sealing storage bags, and corrugated cardboard. 

We also have experience in creating high-release and wear-resistant surfaces from pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes used in tape guide machines.  Our coating technologies can provide remarkably low surface energies and improved thermal transfer properties, which are ideal for high product volume conditions, where faster product feed rates are desired to increase through-put.  Our printer tooling coating technologies are utilized everyday in 2-D, 3-D, multi-axis and laser printing, over a variety of materials.

Endura Coating Systems for Packaging & Material Handling Coatings

    • Endura 100R-V: Wear resistant polymer infused ceramic oxide coating system designed to provide improved surface hardness (up to 70Rc) and an extremely low coefficient of friction. This coating has been used with great success on transfer plates used in paper manufacturing for the printing industry.

    • Endura 334GR:Smooth, highly uniform, gray fluoropolymer coating used on a wide array of material conveying equipment to promote enhanced surface lubricity and anti-galling properties. This coating is commonly applied to transfer plates, peel plates and guide rail components.

  • Endura 970: A textured, thermal spray coating system, consisting of a sintered metal layer sealed with a proprietary fluoropolymer resin designed for high release. This coating works extremely well in preventing adhesive buildup, particularly from glues and pressure sensitive adhesives.

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