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Endura®’s Corporate Structure:

Endura® Coatings

   • World Headquarters

   • North American Manufacturing Operations

   • Center for Sales, Engineering, RD&E, Program Management

Endura® Plating Technology

   • North American Plating Operations

Our Vision

To offer our customers the most advanced coatings solutions available today, providing them with a proprietary advantage so they may excel in their competitive global marketplace.

Our value proposition is to provide permanent performance coating solutions to wear, friction, corrosion and sticking. Our mission is to serve our diversified customers fairly and honestly, with a team of knowledgeable employees who strive for excellence in customer satisfaction, quality, and on-time delivery, at a competitive price.  Endura® is committed to providing the most innovative, technologically advanced, environmentally conscience, and highest quality coating services available today.

We provide coatings for the world's most important tooling and manufactured products, everyday. As an industrial coatings manufacturer, Endura® coats tooling, equipment, and functional components or manufacturing infrastructure for Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical, Computer/Business Machines, Consumer Products, Electronics, Energy, Food Packaging, Food Processing, Industrial Manufacturing & Automation Equipment, Medical, Packaging/Paper & Material Handling, Pharmaceutical, Plastics, Tooling & Molding, Printing, and Textiles; the reality is that we know, or can understand, your needs. We have over 750 patented or proprietary knowledge-based coating solutions that have measurable benefits in a variety of applications, with many customers & industries. Our patented and proprietary Infused Matrix™ coatings are found everywhere, and have been providing solutions to the world's most important manufacturing environments since 1970!

Endura® Infused Matrix™ coatings combine a variety of special, unique surface treatments, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and materials. Newly formed surfaces become integral with the base material with coatings that do not chip, crack, flake or peel! Imagine: combined properties that exceed the singularity of diamond, graphite, silicone or Teflon®! Our unique composites and processes are truly synergistic! 

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