Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I determine the best coating for my application?
    Our engineers will recommend the best Endura® coating solution for your application. Your assistance will be required in this process to help define your performance objectives, application requirements, operating parameters, and material options. A great way to start is by completing our CRQ (Coating Requirement Questionnaire) found on our website. Completing the aforementioned form will greatly assist our team of chemists and engineers in determining which of our 750+ proprietary coating technologies are best suited for your use environment and application needs. We also invite you to e-mail specific questions (sales@enduracoatings.com) or call us (1.800.336.3872) to review your project requirements with one of our many technical consultants.
  • Will your technical staff be familiar with our application?
    Since 1970, Endura® Coatings has provided coating solutions that span a wide breadth of industries and applications. From critical components used in surgical applications to everyday household appliances, our coatings can be found virtually everywhere. Our experienced technical support team and engineers have a strong knowledge of the problems inherent to the industries we service, and chances are we are familiar with and have a proven solution for your specific application need.
  • Will the coating stay on?
    Yes. Our coatings are engineered to provide long lasting performance and some even become an integral part of your base metal substrate.
  • What is the typical thickness of the coating?
    Coating thicknesses vary across each our product platforms. Depending on your dimensional requirements as well as your functional objectives we can apply coatings as thin as 2µm (0.00007874”) per surface or as thick as 0.030" per surface.
  • Can your coatings be removed?
    Yes. With the exception of a few of our product offerings, the majority of our coatings can be stripped with little to no loss of your parent metal substrate. Our stripping process will be contingent upon the coating applied to your part and may be accomplished through a variety of means of which include chemical immersion, thermal exposure, or mechanical removal.
  • What is your normal time factor for submitting quotations and processing orders?
    Formal quotations are generally submitted same day or next day. Order timing is contingent upon coating selection (i.e. which product we are applying), the processing parameters of your order (i.e. masking constraints, desired coating thickness, etc.) as well as the size and number of parts we receive. This notwithstanding, our standard delivery typically falls within 7 to 9 business days. Depending on your project requirements, faster lead times may be attainable with the scheduling of overtime and advanced notification of your order’s impending receipt.
  • Can Endura® Coatings develop a coating specifically for my company & application and not make it available to my competitors?
    Absolutely! Much of our success and continued growth over the years can be directly attributed to our ability to develop long-term partnerships with our customers. We welcome the opportunity to engineer a proprietary coating solution for your specific use application, component, or device. Whether you are looking to exclusively license one of our products or have Endura® sole source you a highly engineered, custom formulated, product solution, we are open to a variety of business relationships.

Please complete our Coating Requirement Questionnaire
or call us at 1.800.336.3872 to review & discuss your project requirements.

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