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Our world headquarters is located in metro Detroit, the epicenter of the North American automotive market.  Consequently, we have engineered and developed hundreds of coating solutions designed to solve a wide array of functional issues related to the industry. If you're an OEM, Exterior, Powertrain or Interior Systems Integrator, Tier I, II or III supplier, we understand your manufacturing & tooling environments and the production problems you routinely face.

Since 1970, we have coated tens of thousands of tools, tooling components, and millions of smaller engineered devices (i.e. shifter pins, fuel & brake system components, or seat belt retractor or track system parts, as well as, injection molding, blow molding, compression molding, and forming tools). If your company desires greater efficiencies in manufacturing, expanded tooling life, reduced maintenance costs, or needs a permanent solution for a functional component, contact our team of engineers. We specialize in:

Endura Coating Systems for Automotive Coatings

    • Endura 202HW: The Endura 202HW is a hybrid coating that consists of a proprietary reinforced electroless nickel plating matrix that we supplement with organic fluoropolymer top coats for high release. The coating has been used with great success to provide sustained release in highly aggressive injection molding applications, particularly those that utilize glass reinforced (+30%) polypropylenes, nylons, ABS, PC, PPS and PPAs..

    • Endura 203: Our Endura 203 is our staple product for the injection molding of a wide array of resin systems (ABS, polypropylenes, urethanes, elastomers etc.) This coating is often used as a permanent substitute for single shot silicone mold release agents on both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. It is engineered to provide improved material flow, high release properties and increased surface hardness (up to 68Rc.)

    • Endura 315L: Highly durable multi-coat fluoropolymer coating system that combines both excellent durability and good release. Our Endura 315L is often used in hot plating welding applications with great success.

    • Endura 331: A highly durable fluoropolymer coating system which affords outstanding dry lubrication, low friction and wear resistant surface properties. This coating has been used on a wide array of functional automotive components from throttle shafts to clutch brake spacers.

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